Nail Art Course



Advanced Course: Prerequisite of Gel Nail Technology Course Required
1/2 Day

Nove Academy’s Nail Art course is a half day application course for existing nail technicians who would like to add to their repertoire of services. This course is ideal for any professional who would like to add creativity, artistry, and extra income to their current nail enhancement services. Students will learn a variety of techniques, such as marbleizing and free hand painting. With the added benefit of a private class, students can request to learn other art forms not included in the curriculum! Existing clients will love the change and be thrilled to receive it!


Swarovski Crystal Placement
Glitter Sugaring
Free Hand Painting
3D Art
Negative Space

* Online price is for the deposit of $300.00 to secure your place in the course *

Please call the store for details as cost for this course changes depending on educator and amount of students. 306-975-3773.