Lash Extensions Course



Beginner Course
3 days over 3 weeks

Nove Academy’s Lash Extension course provides students with the necessary skills and knowledge needed to perform beautiful and safe extension services. This program is ideal for the students who like to perform precise, patient, and artistic work. With world renowned education as our base, this course is sure to leave an impression.
Using a variety of different products, this program teaches students product knowledge, mink individual lash application, party lash application, lash art, sanitation/disinfection procedures, service safety, and problem solving. Great attention will be on sanitation/disinfection, skin disorders and diseases, professionalism, and client consultation.


Professional Ethics
Skin/Eye Diseases & Disorders
Client Consultation
Safe Application Procedures
Step-by-Step Procedure
Current Styles
Lash Art Application
Problem Solving

Tuition cost is $700.00 plus GST
Kit cost is $550.00 plus GST & PST
Total course cost is $1345.50

* Online price is for the deposit of $400.00 to secure your place in the course *

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