Amore Ultima Prisma Elite - Red Wine - 8ml

SKU: 4328


These highly pigmented gel paints can be applied in one coat for a rich, consistent full coverage or for fine line work in art applications. There is no top coat necessary as it cures to a high shine with NO dispersion layer, but if you want to create a more scratch resistant surface choose one of our Amore Ultima Gloss Top Gels that adhere to shiny surfaces. Available in flat colours, shimmers and glitters. Available in 8ml size.

Prisma Elite Application Tips - You can embed Elites if desired, but these colours go on so smooth and thin that they are great for applying over a finish filed nail. Because they cure to a high shine, you can use them for art on top of your gloss. When applying lighter colours, it is best to use a larger brush head (Amore twin brush #8) and apply to a smoothly buffed surface. Let it settle into itself before curing.

Self-Leveling. Great for applying chrome powders. Mixing these colors with other colour lines is not recommended. Some colours require mixing before use (ie-Gnarly Navy).

UV Curing Time: Full Cure: 2 minutes