Bella - Lash Extensions Royal C-Curl Mink - 0.20 X 13mm

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Royal Lashes have dual concave edges, giving them their ellipse shape. Ellipse lash is also a common name for crown lashes.The concave surface adheres to the natural lash better as it wraps around the side of the natural lash. The benefits of royal lashes are:

The concave surface provides a higher bonding area, making the lashes last much longer than normal.
Because they wrap around the lash, the don’t turn or curve as easily.
The lashes provide a dramatic look, while remaining lightweight…clients don’t feel a thing!

This tray of Royal lash mixed length volume mink lashes includes all lengths from 8mm to 15mm. More popular lengths have 2 strips of each. Our faux mink lashes are darker and more lustrous than conventional synthetic lashes. Each of our individual lashes are conveniently organized into lash strips. This organization when combined with our patented Bella Lash Tile allows the stylist to work faster and more efficiently than any other process.