Enailcouture - 1 2 3 Go Soft Gel Nail Extensions - Coffin

SKU: 7472


1, 2, 3 go are specially formulated out of soft gel (candy jelly formula) to provide you
with an easy fast application and lightweight full set of nails.  Use our base coat gel,
candy jelly, souffle or clear happy gel to make sure your nails last up to 4 weeks!

Since all products are semi hard gels this allows them to be soaked off within 15-20 minutes.
For short term use, 1,2,3 go tips can be applied with our glue for a temporary set of full cover

Application is fast, simple, and easy!

1. Prep the natural nail like you would for any full set

2. Apply one coat of prep and one of primer.

3. Etch the inside of the 1,2,3 go nail tip with the diamond mani or diamond moon bit.

4. Apply one coat of base gel to the nail and cure.

5. Apply gel of your choice happy gel ,Basecoat,soufflé etc to the etched inside of the
nail, rock it on ensuring there are no air bubbles or gel running out to the side wall
or free edge.

6. Use the flashy lamp or darling lamp to freeze the nail in place for 10 seconds at least
before going on to the next nail.

7. Once a full hand is applied you can fully cure for 60-90 seconds.

Now you're done all you have to do is customize them and have fun ! You can cut them down to
the size you like!