GiGi - Wax Collars - 50 Pack

SKU: 1678


Protective Collar Packs for 14 oz Wax Warmers: The perfect wax warmer collar pack choice for back-to-back sessions. Never run out again with the GiGi Clean Collars 14 oz.! Available in 20-count and 50-count packs. Keep it going, now you can focus on your clients more at the salon or give yourself some TLC at home without worrying about the cleanup after.

Hygienic and Mess-Free Waxing: Experience worry-free waxing with GiGi Clean Collars! Helps keep your waxing area clean, safe, and sanitary. Now, you don’t have to worry about awkward cleanups between sessions. You can put that butter knife away!

Convenient Wax Warmer Protection: Sometimes a DIY wax warmer collar just won’t do. Protect your precious wax warmer investment with the GiGi Clean Collars 14 oz warmer collar pack. Maintains your GiGi wax warmer’s excellent condition so it stays fully functional even on busy days.

Easy Waxing Experience Upgrade: Effortlessly up your hair removal waxing expertise with the GiGi Clean Collars 14 oz. Let your customers at the salon or your friends and family at home know you are in complete control. Show them you care by ensuring a safe and spotless workspace. Just place a new collar on your warmer before each session. No complicated steps, only a simple and straightforward waxing solution.

Place new collar on rim of GiGi Warmer. Remove plastic lid and place can in warmer. When collar is soiled, lift off can with collar and discard. Clean Warmer with GiGi Sure Clean. Replace with new collar as in steps 1 and 2.