Magic - NailGuard - Clear 2-in-1

SKU: 10238


No Heat and HEMA Monomer Free formulas are here!

The updated formula features a fine pigment that is well-dispersed throughout the product, ensuring there is no separation. Your clients will absolutely love the No Heat formula, which provides a  comfortable curing throughout a full curing cycle. Clear 2-in-1 can be used as a builder and as a base gel for NailGuard services.

NailGuard formulas are ideal for any service from gel toes and manicures to salon length extensions.

The updated soft formula is so easy to work with – it melts into shape, yet won’t flood the skin and cuticle area. You will be able to sculpt and shape nails with New NailGuard more effortlessly, resulting in a smoother and more refined appearance.

No Heat
HEMA Monomer Free
No Pigment Separation

Elevate your nail game – get your New NailGuard today!

Size: 15ml
Color: Clear
Coverage: Clear
Self leveling: Yes
Viscosity: Medium soft
Curing: 2 min in UV, 60 sec in LED
Removal: File off or soak off
Maintenance: Refill, no need to replace the product completely