PremierLash - Lash Sleep Mask

SKU: 9677


The PremierLash Lash Sleep Mask is the most comfortable sleep mask available! Our 3D molded design prevents the eye mask from pressing against eyelids and eyelashes (won't smudge makeup) while keeping you comfortable. So light and slim, you’ll hardly know you’re wearing it. Wake up relaxed, rested, and refreshed.

Made of high quality, soft, silky-smooth, breathable, material. Lightweight and super comfortable. Will not tangle hair or snag pillow. Comfortable for all sleeping positions (side sleepers, back sleepers, stomach sleepers).

Eye mask eliminates pressure on your nose, so you can breathe freely, and works with most CPAP masks. Blocks out light without the claustrophobic feeling. Great for air travel, daytime sleep, meditation, night shift workers, napping, etc.

Perfect for medium to long lashes
Multiple colors to choose from
Blocks light 100%
Ideal for everyday use and travel
Fits men and women
Lightweight, breathable design
Adjustable headband for a personalized fit
Includes 1 pair soft foam ear plugs