Roselisa - Jelly Sheet Mask - Bamboo Charcoal

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The Roselisa Jelly sheet masks are the perfect way to get hydrated, glowing skin. The lightweight, non-sticky formula will leave your skin feeling refreshed and revitalized. The jelly sheet masks are easy to use and are great for all skin types. They are also the perfect solution to offer your clients for those in between facial appointments.


Bamboo Charcoal: Our bamboo charcoal jelly sheet mask is a powerful detoxifying treatment for the skin. Thanks to its natural bamboo charcoal extracts properties, this mask will help absorb impurities and toxins from the skin, leaving the skin feeling clean & refreshed.

Skin Types: Suitable for acne-prone, blemished, sensitive skin 

Key Features

Sold individual or Packs of 10 units
Made with 100% high-quality ingredients
Rich in vitamins & micronutrients
Improves, repairs, and hydrates skin
All masks are vegan & cruelty-free
For Professional & Retail Use


After cleansing and toning, carefully open the sheet mask pack and apply the mask
evenly onto the face. Leave on for 15-20 minutes. Before discarding, pat any excess serum into the skin.

Measurement Approximation: (1UN) : 4.7 * 0.07 * 7 inches / 12 * 0.1 * 18  cm -  (10UN) : 4.7 * 1.7 * 7 inches / 12 * 4.5 * 18  cm
Weight Approximation: (1UN) : 42g - (10UN) : 482 g