Sky Glue - Black Lid S - 5ml

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Sky Glue - Type S revolutionized the industry when it was first launched, now with a cult-like following, Sky Glue S still remains to be a top selling adhesive providing consistent results for lash artists worldwide for over a decade. The rapid dry formulation is meant to be used with classic and volume eyelash extensions, providing excellent retention and a flawless finish.

Size: 5ml

Glue Color: Black

Drying Time: 1-2 seconds

Retention time: 5-6 weeks

Recommended temperature: 74-82°F (23-28°C)

Recommended humidity: RH 50-70%

Latex Free & Formaldehyde Free

Sky Glue is professional product and is meant to only be used by professionals. This product is not suitable for strip lashes like Ardell. It is only meant to be used for eyelash extensions.